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by Nippy13

the background just wow props for the good looking background ive faved other things from u before but the bubbles look like he actually going up to surfase or something like and the tail its so shiney and the color looks more like a dark green and i like that as well and also the light looks like a...

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if u love them please leave a fave&comment and follow it would mean it lot to me


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all of my faves


alfred: what in the hell  what look the humans are dead now im putting a flood to  wipeout every human oh my fucking god i need to tell felix allyn  hey felix: hey felix look its not safe for you to go on land allyn: its for the best im going to need to do this 5hrs later felix: what the hell i have a tail well the good thing at least im not trapped in that bubble like a dog felix: allyn allyn shit where is she i need to talk to her right now allyn: hey felix felix: hey so why do i have tail and why allyn: i turned you into a merman because if i didint you would die (cries) i love you felix and i just cant that was why i saved you because i was lonely with i know nobody do u know how that feels because one day i almost asked kendall to turn me into a human until i found u felix: wow i didnt know u love me like  that but allyn i wanna tell something allyn will u be my girlfriend yes i will felix: because one day i  wanna marry you because when i laid my eyes on you i knew that i could love you until i die alfred: no no what are you doing bordy: no its to late now puny mer im almost done only one place left this island felix: no my family lives on that island no no i will have no one left everyone i know dead please bordy dont do this bordy: why i should i listen a puny human just because u were turned into a mer ha ha its over now there all dead every spot of land is done felix: (transforms into class 17 octomer true mer) no how could to this u killed everyone i know u will pay for this (transformationcomplete) im going to kick your ass so hard bordy: wait what no no well im ready to fight felix : uses spell to make him flip felix : uses hot water spell bordy : fuck that hurts but i cant move felix: thats because i want u to stay right here see this my sword its going to chop your head off so lets make this quick and painless ok bordy: wait what u think can stop me wait i cant get out no ahh... felix : yeah bitch u got what u wanted allyn: u killed him what happend to you were breaking up no one wants you here anymore alfred : i saw everything entirely btw i cut his arm off and fuck the king u felix and alfred brackett are bannned from our cove please leave now felix: well we fucked up but its better than haveing bitch ailve alfred: u know it years later alfred and felix made a group called the rebelz where outcasts could be their safe haven and there and nothing could hurt them


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the kings xvii
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i mostly would use azaleas dolls for merman or make a merstory any type of story really


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